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My name is Crystal Lorraine Brockington and I’m a sophomore political science and communication studies major at Furman University. After graduation, I plan on pursuing a career in media/entertainment law.

At a young age, people would would always ask the go-to question whenever they see any five year old; what do you want to be when you grow up? While some girls would say a princess or a superstar, I always responded with: I want to run things! My drive, determination, and goal setting mindset shined through as a little girl. Although some adults were impressed with such a mature answer, peers found it strange. Middle school was one of my most challenging years growing up. I was bullied for the way I talked, who I hung out with, and my passion to succeed. I was caught in a tug of war between myself and society: a fight to recognize and be comfortable with my own identity. 

My blog diary is meant to be an open book for all the young girls and women who want to run things! Being FIERCE, CONFIDENT, and BOLD is nothing to be ashamed of.

Own it girl & don’t be afraid to be you!





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